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Holistic detox treatments for a better life

What makes Diamond Detox Different?

At Diamond Detox, we understand addiction. We know that it’s a disease that requires treatment and support in order to overcome. We provide a detox that truly gets you clean and sober. Most other detox programs, like hospitals, just switch addictions and put you on highly addictive medications and get you back out the door. We will assess the degree of addiction and provide the most appropriate options for treatment. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Diamond Detox is committed to helping those affected by addiction get their lives back on track.

The Diamond Detox Difference

At Diamond Detox, we want to make the detox experience as comfortable as possible. We believe in empowering individuals to reclaim their freedom of choice through this chemical dependency treatment program. Our treatment helps improve health and well-being through nourishment, brain restructuring techniques, and proven methods of care. Our distinctive model is designed to help you reach your full potential!

We offer Medication Assisted Treatment to provide the best evidence-based treatment known in the industry. We can tailor the treatment to each individual’s goals and specific symptoms of withdrawal.

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Meet Our Team

Jordan Burningham

Executive Director

More Staff Coming Soon!